Selected Projects


SurveyMonkey Anywhere (2018)

I lead the design for SurveyMonkey Anywhere, a companion to the Core app to administer offline surveys. In this huge cross-functional effort, I also designed the end-to-end experience for setting up offline surveys on and collaborated with multiple teams to ship it.

This feature was launched to Enterprise customers 10 months after kick-off, first on Android and then iOS. It achieved 1000+ installs in its first 2 days in the Apple app store.


The SurveyMonkey Anywhere app.

New Personalized Welcome Flow (2018)

I redesigned the new user welcome flow based on hypotheses formulated from earlier design research I drove. This was the first project launched at SurveyMonkey that tracked core UX metrics, informing our growth tests with qualitative data.


The new Welcome Flow.

Onboarding & FTU Experiences (2017)


Components in the onboarding framework.

As part of the Mobile team, I worked closely with the Personalization team to define an onboarding strategy to help new users get started quickly and with confidence. The resulting strategy—informed by user research and testing—was executed in the following quarters across the desktop & mobile products as a series of growth tests to drive key metrics.