Articles & public speaking

🎤 July 2021: I de-mystified the interview process in ADPList's Sharpen Your Interview Skills panel.

✍️ July 2021: I co-wrote Which is the right place for a new designer: a big company, agency, or startup? for the Slack Design blog.

🎤 June 2021: I shared my experiences navigating the tech industry & over-coming imposter syndrome in the Filipinx in Leadership panel.

👀 June 2020: I wrote Fresh Eyes Audits: Your Key to Better UX Design for the Slack Design blog.


👂 I mentor and chat with early- and mid-career designers through ADPList. I am most helpful to folks who are 3-5+ years into their careers and often discuss growth in soft skills, craft, and resilience.

🏗  I mentor mid-career and senior designers through Julie Stanescu's RETHINK, a community that supports the leadership and skills development of its designers.


🚀 Sept + Oct 2021: I taught the frameworks and techniques necessary for self-advocacy—for asking for a promotion, a change at work, a raise, and more via RETHINK.